March 18, 2011

Sunday's photo. Week 11.

This particular Sunday,
I had a poor sick baby to take care.
She came down hard with a cold and nasty ear infection on Saturday night
and tossed and turned all night long.
By the time we all woke up,
it was time for church but both Greg and Lydia were miserable with colds
and had been up half of the night.
So we let Lydia watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to her little heart's content
and use her binky outside of her crib.


Kristen said...

So sad! I love how much she loves her dolly! So cute!

The Augustus' said...

she really doesn't look like she felt good! poor girl! I want to see your cute new house! :)

The Thueson's said...

Awww! Poor little Lydia! She sure looks cute all snuggled up though! ;)

Heather said...

Poor Lydia! You can tell by her sad eyes that she isn't feeling well. I hope that you are all feeling better. I love that she has a doll. Claire is starting to get very attached to hers too!