About us.

Gregory and I met in high school our senior year.
After months of flirting and trying to make each other jealous with others
(as any smart high school dater would do),
we began dating in May 2003.

Almost a year would pass before Greg left to serve
a mission to Peoria, Illinois.
Letters and packages kept the love burning during those years and 
two weeks after Greg returned home from his mission
we had set our wedding date for August 10, 2006.

Since the day we wed we spent our time completing our Bachelor's degrees,
mine in Health Promotion from Weber State University and
Greg's in Business Finance from the University of Utah.
We spent our summers the first three years of marriage in alarm sales
and traveling across the country for that job was hecka fun.
I was never a sugar mama for Gregory because I was
two months pregnant when I finally graduated.
Poor guy.

We welcomed a beautiful baby girl named
Lydia Denise
on July 30, 2009.
She has her daddy's eyes and a chipped front tooth.
We adore her.

Lydia currently loves anything Minnnie mouse, puppies, and candy.
Greg currently loves anything sports related
and anything dealing with sports.
I currently love anything that deals with home making
(you know like sewing, cooking, etc),
and finding a way to move out of the in-laws basement sometime soon.

We also have a puppy named Charlotte.
She's fuzzy and adorable.